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Fitting High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights, with their distinctive colored tint, have become quite a popular part of car customization in recent years. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic appeal of your car, but they are also more reliable and are more power efficient than ordinary halogen light bulbs. And they are brighter which means they contribute to car safety during night riding and in bad weather as well. Unfortunately, HID lights are also a bit more expensive than halogen lights.

About HID Lights

HID lights differ from the ordinary halogen lights as they don't have a filament that produces light, instead a high voltage electrical discharge between two electrodes are used to produce light. They are also called xenon lights because they use a mixture of noble gases, including xenon gas to produce adequate light immediately upon being switched on. Because the HID lightbulb does not have a filament, it is more reliable than halogen lightbulbs. The constant heating-up and cooling down of the filament in a halogen light makes the filament brittle and causes frequent bulb failure.

The first HID headlamps were introduced to the European market by BMW in 1991 as an optional extra on the BMW 7-Series (E32). Today's HID lights have evolved to a standard operation, making them cost effective and easy to install as an aftermarket product. The standard operation consists of a high voltage pulse that produces the initial spark when the lights are switched on. However, the car's battery only produces low voltage current; therefore a ballast that ignites the light and then regulating the power flow is required to produce the initial high voltage on start up and then a constant voltage during continuous operation.

HID lights produce clear white light that is similar to daylight. This reflects the road markings and signs far better than halogen light bulbs and provides the driver with a better view of the roadway, improving road safety.

Installing HID Light Kits

HID Light Kits are simple to install. There are kits to convert H1, H4/HB2, H7, 9005, 9006, 9007, H11, and H9 halogen lights to HID. The kit includes the light bulbs, ballasts and wiring looms. Installing these kits is just a matter of replacing the filaments and installing the ballast and wiring loom. Unfortunately, the light bulb in a sealed beam cannot simply be removed and replaced without replacing the complete headlights. Fortunately, sealed beams can be replaced by semi-sealed HID headlights that include the lenses, housing and light bulbs.